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Desiring to Know How to Block 3G Signals?

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Desiring to Know How to Block 3G Signals?

Posted on 14th Oct 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Have you ever considered that one day you in need and desiring to block the 3G signal? Do you think that there will be a signal jamming device that can help you to cut off the signals of the 3G? Are you now not wanting to be noised by the 3G mobile phone signals and looking for a method of how to block 3G signals? Coming here jammersall you have get access to the right place as 3G blocker here can give people a hand in solving such kind of problem.

Portable Multi-function Signal Jammer for WiFi Wireless Audio Video Devices

If all the times no matter in daytime and at night are surrounding by the mobile phone calls, what would you feel? If staying in such kind of condition a lot of people will feel that they are in the edge of crash and do not know how long they can support, as they can’t even have a good sleep in such condition. Just be release now as the mobile phone jammers now can make you a relax condition now. And now the jammer device that can not only cut off the signals of the 2G mobile phones but also the 3G mobile phone signals as well also has come now, and more and more people are using it to gain more convenience.

Do you desiring to know how to block 3G signals and want to gain the deep understanding of the 3G mobile phone jammer device? OK, then just have a look at the following text to know more. As there are so many types of 3G blockers in the market now, we can just pick up one as the example here and just have a look at a desktop jammer here, of which the name is “10W High Power Adjustable Remote Controlled 3G Mobile Phone Jammer”, and we can see that this cell phone jammer device can be operate via the remote controller so that for the people who do not want to come near to the jammer device to turn off it, this 3G blocker is perfect choice.

Besides, this 3G blocker can also cut off the signals of the CDMA GSM DCS/PCS at the same time as it is designed with 4 antennas, which is enough to cut off the signals CDMA GSM DCS/PCS 3G in one jammer device. Thus this 3G cell phone jammer can be used continuously since it is designed with tabletop style and powered by the AC adapter, with good cooling system. So for those people need to use the jammer 24/7 without stop this 3G jammer is a good choice.

And for a lot of places such as the classroom, meeting room, church, library and many other places and so many other places where the mobile phones are not allowed to be used or for the people who want to avoid the problems that the mobile phones bring them, picking up the 3G blocker is a wise choice. And if you are in need of one and wondering around, just stop here at www.jammersall.com to gain one.