The use of GPS jammers in war has provided us with important insights. Emphasis was placed on the crucial role of technology in modern warfare and its impact on national security strategies. The following are several core insights gained from the application of GPS jammers in warfare:

Transforming technological advantages into strategic advantages:
The effective use of GPS jammers indicates that mastering advanced military technology can generate significant tactical and strategic advantages on the battlefield. It reveals the decisive role of technology in modern warfare. Technical advantages are also of great importance in war preparation and execution.

Dependency management for communication and navigation systems:
The modern military has a high dependence on satellite navigation systems such as GPS. This also highlights the fragility of communication and navigation systems. This requires the armies of various countries to have the ability to respond to technological failures. Develop alternative navigation systems and enhance the redundancy and anti-interference capabilities of communication networks.

Enhancement of electronic warfare capabilities:
The use of GPS jammers demonstrates the importance of electronic warfare in modern warfare. It emphasizes the necessity of developing and maintaining strong electronic warfare capabilities. There is also a high demand for the importance of integrating electronic warfare assets in strategic planning

Compliance with International Law and War Law:
The use of GPS jammers in war must comply with the provisions of international law and war laws. Any military action must comply with the principles of proportionality and distinction, to avoid unnecessary harm to civilians or damage to civilian facilities. This requires countries to consider their legal and moral responsibilities when developing such technologies.

The necessity of a comprehensive national defense strategy:
The use of GPS jammers emphasizes the importance of comprehensive defense strategies. It requires countries to maintain technological leadership. Comprehensive planning and preparation at multiple levels, including strategy, tactics, and psychology. To cope with the complex and ever-changing battlefield environment.

Foresight of future forms of war:
The application of GPS jammers indicates that future wars may rely more on information technology and cyberspace. This requires the armies of various countries not only to maintain an advantage on traditional battlefields. We also need to invest and prepare in the fields of cyberspace and information warfare to ensure survival and victory in future wars.

The use of GPS jammers in warfare has provided us with valuable experience and lessons. Emphasis was placed on the impact of technology on national security strategy and military preparedness. We must constantly innovate and improve military technology, while ensuring the rational use of these technologies within legal and ethical frameworks.