The function of a mobile signal jammers is to block communication signals between the mobile phone and the base station. Make it impossible for mobile phones to receive and send signals, thereby achieving temporary interruption of mobile communication. Specifically, it functions through the following aspects:

1. Block signal transmission:
The jammer emits electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency, which overlap with the frequency band of the mobile phone signal. As a result, it interferes or submerges mobile phone signals at the physical layer, making it impossible for the phone to receive signals from the base station and send them back to the base station.

2. Reduce signal quality:
Even if the phone can receive weak signals, the strong signals emitted by the jammer will seriously reduce the quality of these signals. Causing intermittent calls, sudden drops in data transmission speed, and even complete inability to communicate.

3. Forcefully disabling phone functions:
In some cases, the signal strength of the mobile signal jammer is sufficient to force the communication function on the phone to be turned off. This includes voice calls, SMS sending and receiving, as well as mobile data connections. Make the phone a “brick” state for a certain period of time.

4. Security and privacy protection:
In specific occasions, such as government agencies, military facilities, and the protection of commercial secrets. Mobile signal jammers prevent unauthorized communication. To protect information security and personal privacy.

5. Maintaining order and discipline:
In school examination rooms, prisons, and other places. Mobile signal jammers are used to prevent students or prisoners from using their phones for cheating or other illegal activities,. Maintain order and discipline in the venue.

6. Emergency response:
In emergency situations, such as fires, explosions, and other disaster scenes. To prevent panic and false alarms, mobile signal jammers can temporarily block communication. Control the on-site situation and facilitate the orderly progress of rescue work.

It should be noted that although mobile phone signal jammers have the above-mentioned functions, their use is subject to strict legal regulations. Excessive or improper use may have serious impacts on public safety and emergency communication. Therefore, when using such devices, it is necessary to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. And take appropriate measures to safeguard the public interest.