Bomb jammer, also known as explosive jammer or explosive detector. It is an electronic device designed specifically for detecting and interfering with remote control signals of explosive devices. The main uses of such devices are in the military, security inspections, and public safety fields. To prevent remote detonation of explosives and protect personnel and property safety.

The working principle of bomb jammers is based on sending strong electromagnetic wave signals that can cover and block the signal frequency of potential explosive device remote controls. Most remote controls for explosive devices use radio frequency (RF) signals to trigger explosions. Bomb jammers occupy these frequencies to prevent the remote control from issuing effective triggering signals. To prevent the detonation of the explosive device.

These types of devices typically have the following characteristics:

1. Multi band interference:
Can cover multiple radio frequency bands used to detonate explosive devices, adapting to different types of remote controls.

2. Directional interference:
Energy can be concentrated in specific directions to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment. Simultaneously ensuring effective interference with the target area.

3. Adjustable power:
Users can adjust the output power of the jammer according to the actual environment. To adapt to different sizes and types of explosive devices.

4. Portability:
Bomb jammers are usually designed to be lightweight, easy to carry, and quickly deployable to meet the needs of rapid response.

5. Battery powered:
For the convenience of use in environments without external power sources, bomb jammers are usually equipped with built-in batteries.

6. User interface:
Featuring an easy-to-use user interface. Including on/off buttons, frequency selection knobs, and status indicator lights for users to quickly set and monitor device status.

7. Security:
Consider the safety of operators and surrounding personnel during design. Ensure that it does not cause harm to the human body during use.

When using bomb jammers, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant operating procedures and safety guidelines. In addition, due to its potential interference with wireless communication, it is necessary to obtain necessary permits before use and avoid using it near densely populated or important facilities as much as possible to avoid affecting normal wireless communication services.